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Creative Coaching Program - First Module

  • 8Weeks


The Creative Coaching program is a personalized program to help you find inner balance and regain control of your life. It is made up of twelve stages grouped into three modules of four stages. Each module can be completed over a period ranging from 4 to 8 weeks. The total program therefore lasts a minimum of 12 weeks and a maximum of 24 weeks. The investment for each module is 300 euros. It is possible to take a break between steps, if desired. Each of the twelve stages includes: - An explanatory PDF - A 45-minute individual session with Dominique, on Zoom or Skype. - Guided exercises - Suggestions for practical exercises - Additional readings - Participation in the New Reality Portal for the duration of the Program. The Program also contains a Creative Coaching Guide, a guide summarizing the protocols and exercises suggested during the coaching period as well as the audiovisual series "The Game of Life." Do not hesitate to communicate directly with me to discuss it or to ask your questions, by writing: at With lots of love Dominica

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