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Multimedia meditations


These multimedia meditations are made with Source Music. Each is an experience, an inner journey whose essence and texture you create with each listen.


Source Music albums can be found at  or in the   Online Store .



Source Music is a wonderful, easy-to-use tool to envelop you in the frequencies of universal Source, in perfect alignment with that magnificent Consciousness at the center of the universe, from which all creation originates._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


While listening, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  

Relax and savor the experience!



Raise your vibrational frequency
Feel the Energy of Creative Source


Listening to the music in this music video can help you:


- Feel centered, relaxed, serene; 

- Raise your vibrational frequency;

- Reconnect with your authentic and divine Self;

- Connect to the universal frequencies of the Source;

- Increase your creative potential;

- Refine your intuition and your guidance system;

- Cleanse your energy field;

- Create a protected space around you;

Open your heart to the vibration of universal love


This music instantly creates an energetic sphere around you that is filled with high frequencies.   These high frequencies bring your universal consciousness to awaken in a completely natural way. This music from the album 'Voyages dans l'infini' invites you on a journey to the celestial worlds by helping you open your heart to the high vibrations of universal love. 


Using this music helps you expand your consciousness, deepen your meditations, eliminate stress or pain. It helps you to feel connected to your original Essence and to the creative Source.


Become aware of your Divine Essence

Each time you listen to this video, your energy body will naturally be calibrated to the frequencies of Universal Source and will help you remember your cosmic nature.


Each time you watch this video, your energy and consciousness will attune to your original essence. Even when the music is playing very softly, its energy will support you in realizing your true self.

Feel the angelic presence

How to feel the presence of our spiritual guides around us? How to discern if what we feel is beneficial?

This clip helps you feel, know and understand certain notions, concepts or information about the spirit guides around you  from a direct experience with their consciousness.


The Christ Consciousness

This music has high frequencies which bring in a completely natural way your universal consciousness to awaken, your psychic perceptions to develop, your perception of yourself and your place to change...
In this clip,  you are invited to experience the energy of Christ Consciousness, which is nothing but the expression of your new consciousness, when it is again connected to its Source.

In the presence of the Divine


Ask to merge with your   Higher Self and feel this intimate connection.

Ask to let go of self-judgment, limiting thoughts and false beliefs.

Feel the loving and nurturing presence of your divine Self.

Ask to remember your divine origin.



Become one with your Higher Self


Ask to merge with your   Higher Self and feel this intimate connection.

Open to receive the Universal Light.

Ask to raise your vibration to its highest potential.

Ask to integrate this Light into each of your cells.

Ask for your Light body to awaken!

Remember who you are!


Divine Geometry and Universal Frequencies are encoded in this video.


Watching it as often as you wish helps you to heal and expand your awareness and possibilities of expression.

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