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Source Music Composers

Frederik Evelein


Frederik Evelein is not only a composer, but he is also an educator. For several years, he held a professorship in Music and Education at the University of Utrecht and at the Codart University of the Arts in Holland.


He decided to leave a busy traditional career in the field of music to devote himself to his current passion, that of composing music capable of translating the frequencies of the Universal Consciousness into sound for transformational as well as educational purposes.


Source Music is the translation of pure energy and Universal Consciousness into sound . It connects you directly to the Source of Creation. It supports healing, relaxation as well as the expansion of your consciousness and your spiritual awakening. It helps you to harmonize your energy with your Spiritual Self. It is a completely new way of creating your life using sound frequencies.



This music is multidimensional. This means that each time you listen to it, you will experience a new aspect of this energy, depending on your current state of being. It has an infinite potential for action, because it is made with and from the universal Consciousness.


To compose the Source Music, Dr. Evelein uses the Omnium Method of consciousness expansion. From the concepts and principles of the OMnium Method, and a practice of several years, it connects to the Consciousness of the Creator so that its energy enters into coherence with this pure Consciousness at the origin of Creation. Then he is able to transpose the information codes coming from the Universal Consciousness into music. 


As you listen to this music, your being is naturally trained to adjust to this higher vibration of consciousness . You will absorb the energy and consciousness encoded in the music more easily. Your brain naturally adjusts to these new frequencies because these are the original frequencies of your divine being, your universal structure and your multidimensional consciousness. This information is currently unknown to you simply because it has been forgotten or buried under the low or negative energy layers of the human personality.


This music helps you to awaken in you the memory of your original divinity. With each listen, a new aspect of your being begins to resonate, to open up, to cleanse itself and to awaken to its true cosmic nature. Source Music introduces and establishes a new approach to the concept of consciousness expansion, healing and education through the use of high vibrational sound frequencies.


Dr. Evelein gives webinars and leads in-person workshops. He also lectures and leads masterclasses. In addition to composing new paradigm music, he writes about education and art in this new paradigm.


Click here to discover the music of Frederik Evelein.

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Gordon Slow


Gordon has spent most of his life exploring human potential. For decades he taught transcendental meditation. This practice allowed him to explore multidimensional realities through deep states of meditation, while enjoying life's largesse to the full. He has had various careers first in Music Education and then as a general contractor and in architecture.


He is now dedicated to composing a type of music of a celestial nature, having also been trained in the OMnium Method of Consciousness expansion. And he continues to be fascinated by exploring the true history, potential and destiny of humanity and planet Earth. He perceives that the soap opera playing out on planet Earth at the present time is by far the most extraordinary and unique event in the entire universe. This shift to a higher state of consciousness, by increasing the frequencies of the planet and those of humanity, poses a significant challenge to the majority of the inhabitants of the Earth. He wishes to bring his support to this period of transition in order to help humanity better understand and accept its celestial origin, its true nature and the exceptional future which awaits it.



Gordon feels and knows he is intimately connected to this planet. He feels deep within him that his original being has been working with her for many years, through multiple lives and experiences. And as his own consciousness opens more and more, he is now ready to share his creations with those who are drawn to their own expansion and desire to outward more extravagantly the wondrous destiny that awaits us all. Your commitment to your own transformation is what catalyzes planetary change. In fact, the planet hopes that you will commit to it fully and become a new cosmic and divine human! Why not ?


GORDON is also the designer and creator of the platform where he intends to share with a team of collaborators his vision of the future of humanity as well as tools for transformation based on multimedia.


Click here to discover the music of Gordon Lent.

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