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Listening to our inner guidance

Moving from Reason to Vibration


A series of 3 audiovisual workshops

in collaboration with

DNA TV New Paradigm

In addition, you will receive  :

  • Highlights and exercises in PDF format

  • The ebook "The essential tools for life"

Introductory lecture


with Sabine Guillemin

In this series of workshops, we will learn how to access our guidance system in order to regain our inner authority. We are going to learn how to be in a state of receptivity so that we can interpret any information with clarity.


It is with our inner discernment (based on vibration instead of reason) that we can make choices and decisions more easily and confidently.


We will also better understand why we are always guided towards life choices that allow us to flourish and express our unique potential. This series includes several practical exercises which will help you to develop your capacities of perception and your confidence in your guidance.




or how to move from reason to vibration

WORKSHOP 1 – Inner knowing and guidance


In this first workshop, we will see what is the vibratory exchange through the principle of resonance. We are going to learn how to identify "that we really know" something. We will also learn how our emotions and feelings are there to guide us and help us make informed choices. This workshop includes exercises to understand feelings and to help you make decisions.


4 Points covered during this workshop:

  • Everything is energy and vibration – the exchange of energy and the principle of resonance.

  • To feel is to know: guidance passes through physical and emotional feelings.

  • Inner knowing is a source of clarity and confidence: how do we know that we know?

  • Practical exercises to learn to discern with feelings in order to strengthen our inner knowing and make informed choices.


WORKSHOP 2 – Different types of perception and state of receptivity


In this workshop, we will briefly discuss the different types of PES. We will also see how to attract or recognize the guides we need, both physically and non-physically. Then we will see how we can open ourselves to new abilities in order to receive the information we need.


4 Points covered during this workshop:

  • The different forms of extrasensory perception.

  • How do we attract or recognize our spirit guides in the physical and non-physical world?

  • Protocol to activate new perceptual abilities.

  • Protocol to feel the energy of an object, a place or another person.



WORKSHOP 3 – Direct communication between our human aspect and our spiritual aspect

Being able to receive the live stream of our spiritual aspect is the means by which we can all obtain the information we need to gain new knowledge or to help us make choices. We're going to see what “live stream” is and how we can begin to recognize it, receive it, and develop it. There is no miracle formula and to get results, you have to commit to it and train consistently.


4 Points covered during this workshop:

  • What is "Live Stream"?

  • Guided exercise to open you to the truth.

  • Protocol for receiving information by asking a question.

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