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What is Love really?


A series of audiovisual courses

To experience a new type of romantic relationship, where freedom, true love, respect, support, joy and well-being for everyone are the foundations of the relationship.

  • Duration of each lesson: 75 minutes.

  • Explanations and exercises.

  • You will have an audio recording and an audiovisual.

  • Price: 90 euros

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Romantic relationships are undoubtedly an area of our lives that offers constantly renewed opportunities to get to know each other and evolve. They have been a great source of transformation for me, sometimes in joy, sometimes in tears. But true love should not be synonymous with suffering, it should rather be an inexhaustible source of joy and inspiration. To associate suffering with love is an inconsistency that stems from our misconceptions and expectations about love. It is all our erroneous interpretations, as well as our unrealistic and illusory expectations of others or our belief that the source of our happiness lies outside of us, which create and generate suffering.

By taking responsibility for the experiences I was having and resolving the conflicts that arose in a positive and evolutionary way, new understandings about the nature of human relationships surfaced within me. When we strive to see what a difficult experience reveals to us about ourselves, without judgment or guilt, leaving aside any notion of bad choice or failure, we allow ourselves to learn from our experience. We learn to overcome our fears and any feelings of limitation and separation. This is how we gradually come to master human nature.

In this series of lessons, we will redefine romantic relationships together so that they are no longer a source of suffering or drama, but a source of inspiration and a springboard for our evolution. We are going to choose to attract in our life a new type of experiences, based on universal values allowing the freer and authentic expression of each of the partners.

To redefine romantic relationships, we must begin by understanding and accepting the role we play in the experiences we have. Recognizing our responsibility is one of the keys to changing our experience of reality. It is also what allows us to finally let ourselves be guided by our true nature in order to choose with more freedom and in all conscience experiences corresponding to the image of the being that we really are.

• How do we change the limited perspectives that bring difficult or unpleasant circumstances into our lives?
• How can we manage to attract a new type of experience corresponding to our true nature which vibrates at the frequency of love and joy?
• How to redefine oneself in order to discover the being that we really are?
• How do we consciously choose the experiences we want to have, beyond pressure from others and society?
• How to redefine the current systems of reference concerning the couple concerning love, commitment, relational models, freedom, family, etc.? ?
• How to live true love, sharing and intimacy, while feeling free, independent and respected?
• How to establish healthy and clear boundaries without feeling guilty or being afraid of being abandoned?
• How can we detach ourselves from all the baggage that we have accumulated in order to be able to start from scratch in the face of the new possibilities that are offered to us?
• How to remain honest, respect each other and honor our true nature in a couple?
• And more…

If you are ready for an inner revolution, this course will help you integrate new understandings of love that will result in the emergence of new love experiences in your life.

With lots of love

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What is Love really?

Course 1 - Energy, Consciousness and Life Experiences

In this course, we will briefly review how the energy field of the human being works and why it is essential to understand the nature of this field and its role in the experiences we live. We will talk about energy exchange and why we attract certain love experiences into our reality. We will realize that these experiences are often the result of our energetic frequency as well as our interpretation of the circumstances that come our way. Then we will begin to better understand how to integrate the two aspects that are present in every human being: the human and the divine in order to reunite them   and thus open the door to a new type of love experience. .

Lesson 2 - What is true love?

In this course, we will define what true love is. We will see why the experiences of love that we live as human beings can make us suffer so much and how they can be elevated to the plane of unconditional love. We will try to better understand the way we perceive romantic relationships in order to let go of the false beliefs and expectations that are a source of suffering. We will begin to create new programs allowing an expression   that better corresponds to the new amorous experiences that we wish to have.

Lesson 3 -  Recreating a love relationship with oneself

In this course, we will see that the perception (conscious and unconscious) that we have of ourselves plays an important role in the romantic experiences that we attract. We will work to restore a healthy relationship with ourselves, accepting the premise that we are first and foremost a spiritual being embodied in a physical body and that learning to function in the material world is done through our experiences. We will explore how we create an illusory identity for ourselves, what certain notions like good and bad are, what is acceptable or not, what is allowed or not allowed, and so on. Then we will understand why it is essential to learn to fully appreciate and love ourselves unconditionally as we are in the present moment.

Lesson 4 - True or conditioned desire?

In this course, we will learn to identify the real motivations behind the desire to be in a loving relationship so that the experiences we attract are based on freedom and not dependence, on trust and intimacy and not on fear of being controlled, respect and not fear of not being good enough, love and joy and not the need to feel safe, and so on. Then, you will clarify and state your individual project (for example attracting a new relationship or recreating an existing one) while learning to discern what still prevents you from achieving the desired relationship.

Lesson 5 - Detaching yourself from the past

In this course, we will see why it is important to detach from the past and to resolve the emotional wounds that are still present in order to have harmonious and loving romantic relationships. We will take back our inner power and take back responsibility for the experiences we live. We are going to learn how to free ourselves from the energy bonds that we have created unconsciously by making another person responsible for our difficulties or our misfortunes. We will reset the clock so that we can start fresh in a new relationship or transform an existing relationship.

Lesson 6 - Emotions: a guide to making new choices

In this course, we will see that the emotional system offers us precise indications to understand the circumstances that we do not like and that persist in our relationships. We will learn how to resolve the intense emotions that suggest in order not to accumulate energy blockages (these are created by repeated and unresolved emotions such as resentment, anger, jealousy, fear of abandonment, etc.) . We will see that understanding our emotions helps us identify the false beliefs and unconscious fears that control our reality in order to eliminate them.


Lesson 7 -  The other: my mirror!

In this course, we will see why our life partner is our most important mirror. We are going to see how we can understand the information that is reflected to us through the conflicts that arise in a couple to dislodge our fears and overcome our feelings of limitation. This work of transmutation of our fears and our distorted interpretations of reality, in the field of couple relationships, allows us to attract more balanced and harmonious love experiences.

Course 8 - For more loving and harmonious relationships

We'll end this series with a better understanding of the qualities that are needed for happier, loving relationships: integrity, authenticity, respect, and so on. We will see how to integrate these attributes in an increasingly concrete way in our daily lives. We will also see how to have balanced exchanges and clear communication.


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