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Embody your life purpose

An audiovisual workshop

in collaboration with

DNA New Paradigm

Giving meaning to one's life,  finding one's way, is an important question to which many beings do not find a satisfactory answer. On the one hand it may be because you are trying to conform to certain reference systems that keep you trapped in rigid and limited frameworks and on the other hand it may be that you are cut off from your inner guidance_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ by no longer trusting how you feel.

The response to this inner search requires a return to simplicity, to reconnect with your true nature. I believe that we are naturally drawn to choices that match our energy and allow us to realize our true potential, expressing our innate qualities and talents. By rediscovering the pleasure of being ourselves, as we are in the present, we rediscover the joy of living, our inspiration and our creativity, as well as the ability to express ourselves with authenticity in our life choices.

In addition to access to the audiovisual recording of the workshop, you will receive  :

Introductory lecture

Embody your life purpose

  • What is a life mission?

  • Why do you feel like you are not finding or fulfilling your life purpose?

  • Can you know the primary purpose of your current incarnation?

  • What do you need to know or do to fulfill your life mission?

  • Can you miss your life mission?






I am delighted to lead this workshop, the goal of which is to demystify the concept of the mission of life , to make it a natural, enriching and fulfilling experience.


En changing your beliefs and expectations on this subject, you will find your innate inspiration and intuition.

What if embodying your life mission began with:


  • Redefine who you are

  • Dare to express your unique nature

  • Free yourself from fear to speak your truth

  • Free yourself from the fear of not accomplishing your life mission

  • Take back your inner freedom

  • Make life choices in accordance with your deep nature or "know yourself better to decide better"

  • Rewrite your life purpose agreement



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