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From insecurity to unwavering faith


A series of three workshops



in collaboration with

TV radiance

This workshop is no longer available.


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In this series of workshops, you will learn that you have everything it takes to move from the state of unconsciousness that generates drama and insecurity to a higher state of consciousness. In this state, you can open yourself to a path of new possibilities, from an unshakeable faith that Light and Love are stronger than anything. You will understand how to switch from insecurity to this unshakable faith.


Atelier N° 1 - 7 mai 2020, à 20 h 30

Get to know yourself better to be authentic

In the first segment of this workshop, we will see that our physical body with its personality is not the only aspect of our being nor the most important. Even if it is this aspect that seems the only obvious one, we will discover together what our real nature is in order to make it a reality in our life. You will better understand how to reach the new state of being (an awakened state of consciousness) which is the goal of your current incarnation. Self-realization is possible for each of you!

Points seen and developed during this workshop

  • The need to perceive oneself as an energetic and spiritual being above all.

  • Why do we need to get to know each other better in order to have a more harmonious life?

  • The Authentic Divine Self and the Human Self

  • What does it mean to be aligned with one's Source?

  • Alignment Protocol to our Inner Source

  • What is the origin of fear and insecurity?

  • Understanding the Consequences of Judgment

  • Guided exercise to dissolve personal history and recreate a new blank history.

Atelier N° 2 – 14 mai 2020, à 20 h 30

I am divine and I am "Me"

To live your life to the fullest of your abilities, in the freedom of being and in the truth, is your most important mission! And this is accomplished simply by cultivating the joy of being who you really are, as you are here and now, knowing that whatever makes you happy and inspires you is guiding you towards your destiny. To be true and authentic, we must be able to identify the illusion (or the false identity that we have created for ourselves) in order to consciously choose to detach ourselves from it. In this workshop, we will strive to demystify fear and insecurity so that we can choose freely and regain an unwavering faith in the power of creation and life.

Points seen and developed during this workshop

  • What does it mean to be free and authentic?

  • The steps to take back our true identity.

  • Regain the ability to choose and decide freely.

  • Steps to take to demystify fear and insecurity?

  • Protocol to transmute fear into positive energy



Atelier N° 3 – 21 mai 2020, à 20 h 30

The nature and power of influence of our authentic being

In the 3rd and final segment, we will explore together what unconditional love is and how to identify if we are in tune with this vibration. We will better understand why love is an ordering force and how to use this energy to create a world that reflects the universal principles of love, joy, truth, harmony and abundance. You will discover what is a harmonious vibrational alignment allowing to find a feeling of inner security and to have an unshakeable faith in the immeasurable force of life.

Points seen and developed during this workshop

  • Love as the ordering force of the universe

  • The mechanics of Creation how to apply it in everyday life

  • Your intention is a command

  • Protocol for aligning energy centers with the frequency of Love

  • Your true power to influence reality

  • How to open yourself up to new possibilities

  • Protocol to be receptive to the new

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