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Find the true meaning of life

By the way from fear to love

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An audiovisual workshop

in collaboration with

DNA TV New Paradigm


In addition, you will receive  :

  • Highlights and exercises in PDF format

  • The ebook "The essential tools for life"

Introductory lecture


with Sabine Guillemin

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to share it. »

William Shakespeare​


We are all trying to find meaning in our lives. But to find the true meaning of life, you must first understand the universe in which you live, the place you occupy in it and of course you have to know yourself, that is to say know who you are. really.  


More than ever, this knowledge is essential to navigate with fluidity and safety through the changes we are currently experiencing, to integrate a new version of oneself that is more complete, free and authentic.


In this conference, we will cover the following points:

  • Knowledge can help give meaning to your life

  • Is it possible to know the truth?

  • What is the nature of our true power?

  • A change of operating system: from fear to love





In this workshop, we will understand how fear is created in order to demystify it. We will see how to use it to regain our inner power by making new choices, by making new decisions, to open ourselves to new possibilities in our lives.


Secondly, we will explore the different ways of understanding what true love is. We will see that love is the ordering force of the universe. And we are going to experience the vibration of love that already exists within each of us. We will understand how this love is constantly reflected to us through our experiences.


In this workshop, we will explore the following points:

  • Why does fear prevent love from expressing itself?

  • How can we transmute fear to regain freedom and power over our lives?

  • How to understand the frequency of love as  ordering and fundamental force of the universe?

  • How can we recognize this force of love within us in order to have experiences that reflect this energy to us?

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