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The Game of Life...

A series of audiovisual courses

To better understand what is reality

To express the best of yourself

To feel connected, free and serene

To order the 6 lessons at the price of  90 €

write to: nouvellerealité

  • Duration of each lesson: 75 to 90 minutes.

  • Contains guided exercises

  • You will have an audio recording and an audiovisual.





In this series of lessons, we will examine the earthly reality by comparing it to a virtual game. We will learn the rules of the game and how we can, right now, play our game on a higher plane of consciousness.   We will see how reality is created at every moment by our interaction with it.


Up to now you have played your part, that is, your life, with your human personality, directed by your subconscious program. In this way of playing, you are a victim of circumstances, you feel like a puppet manipulated by invisible and uncontrollable forces. Often you feel alone, lost, disoriented and above all powerless. You hesitate to make choices, you no longer know who you are or what is the purpose of your life.

The true way to play this game is to rediscover your inner unity in order to rediscover your ability to choose, decide and consciously lead your life. This sense of inner unity not only reunites you with your original consciousness, but also reestablishes your unity with all living beings, the planet as well as all of Creation. From this moment, the game takes on a different dimension, you are playing the real game of life, the one that offers real possibilities for advancement, for the expansion of your creative potential and your consciousness. This game has a set of rules and is based on universal laws, whose goal is always the highest good of all and of Creation.

In this new course, you will learn to understand, interpret and see everything that happens to you from a much bigger and higher perspective that starts from your original consciousness, from the center of creation. You will learn how to use the circumstances of your life to surpass yourself and to evolve. You will discover the rules of the game in order to be able to apply them in a more precise way. You will leave the state of the human being who feels disconnected, separated from others and who lives a life for himself without awareness of the consequences of his choices and his actions on the rest of humanity and creation. You will become more and more aware that you are a part of creation and that you are made with this same energy-consciousness which is the vibration of unconditional love. You can then begin to be a reflection of this beautiful vibration in all that you are and all that you do. 

You are a multidimensional consciousness, already complete and perfect. All the possibilities of manifestation are already potentially present within you. Your life is an experience that you have chosen to remind yourself of this original consciousness in order to be able to enrich it. All is potentiality and it is your experience that uniquely activates some of this limitless and infinite potential. It is your individual experience that realizes this potential, that makes it concrete, that gives it form. This course will help you regain the power to play your game with full awareness and freedom.



Lesson 1 - Universal intelligence - The game plan

In the first segment of the course, we will talk about the universal structure and the place of the human being in this structure.   We will compare our current way of playing, that of an unconscious being who has forgotten his real identity and his divine origin, to the new game plan which requires a higher and altruistic level of consciousness. To play on this plane, we must restore our interior unity, by reintegrating our divine aspect into our human aspect. It is this reunification that allows us to regain the power to create our lives in a free and authentic way. We can then play the current game in a conscious and deliberate way in accordance with the principles of unconditional love, unity, mutual aid, transparency, trust, self-sacrifice, etc.


Lesson 2 - Reality is a virtual game

In this course we will try to better understand what reality is and how it is currently created by default under the domination of the ego that has taken over the game. We will better understand how the brain is programmed as well as the role belief systems. When we ignore this functioning, the game is played in an unconscious and pre-programmed way according to the initial conditioning of the brain of each one.   To become free to play the game consciously, it is necessary to reverse the roles and for the ego to simply become a tool at the service of the true being.

Lesson 3 - The tools of the Game 

In this course, we will better understand the tools available to humans to play the game with awareness, power and precision. We will see what makes up the energy field of a human being and how the vibrational frequency of this field influences the creation of our reality. We will learn how to take care of our energy field so that it is free from unwanted influences. We will also learn what cellular reprogramming is and how to use it to transform negative energy patterns that are blocked in our cells.


Course 4 - Rediscover your creative power

Master your thoughts to direct your creation

In this course, we will continue learning practical tools to transform ourselves in depth. We know that thought is the guiding element in the creation of reality. We have thousands of thoughts a day - most of which are unconscious beliefs.   Learning to control the flow of our thoughts and to identify the negative or limiting thoughts that inhabit us is essential to be able to play the game of life in a new way. Becoming able to master thoughts is essential to developing a higher state of consciousness, connected to our inner Source. If we don't dominate our thoughts, they dominate us...

Course 5 - Rediscover your creative power

Using Your Emotions to Guide You

In this course, we will learn practical tools to help us understand how to use our life circumstances to transform ourselves. If you have difficult or intense emotions, it's fine! This means that your guidance system is working wonderfully. We will see that the emotional system is a sophisticated tool to guide us and we will learn how to use it in a beneficial and positive way.

Lesson 6 - The rules of the game

Or "Create your reality consciously"

In this course, we are going to talk about the Universal Laws of Creation and we are going to describe the process of creating with precision in the physical world. We will learn how to choose and decide wisely. Once a choice is made or a decision is made, we will see all that must be put in place to create a reality that is in harmony with our true being, a harmonious, serene reality, full of potential, of love and joy.

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