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How to build a new world


A series of three workshops


in collaboration with

DNA TV New Paradigm


In addition, you will receive  :

  • Highlights and exercises in PDF format

  • The ebook "The essential tools for life"

Introductory lecture


with Sabine Guillemin

A new world is created first and foremost by what we think and feel. To continue to think, react or act in the same way hoping for a different result is to be ignorant of our vibrational and energetic nature and to misunderstand the nature of our creative power. We need to move from ignorance of our nature and potential to new self-knowledge giving access to new possibilities…

In this conference, we address the following points:

  • Knowing who we are – knowing our real nature – everything and everyone is part of the Source!

  • Take back responsibility for our creations throughout history and in the present.

  • Open the door to new possibilities, dare to go towards the unknown.

  • Understand our power to influence our life and reality.





Workshop N° 1  -  The creative power of thought – the guiding energy_cc781905-5b18-bad5cf58d_


In this workshop, we are going to approach material reality in order to understand the difference between the current game plane and the higher game plane in which we must rise. Being able to ascend to this plane of consciousness means we are finally unfolding our true potential through infinitely more powerful creative energy than we can imagine. And for that, you have to let go of everything you think you know...


Points seen and developed during this workshop:

  • What is reality, how is it created?

  • What is our power to influence reality?

  • How do we direct and choose our thoughts consciously?

  • What is energy coherence and why is it important?


Workshop No. 2 - The Power of Beliefs – Modeling Energy 



In this workshop, you will better understand that you can only manifest what you believe to be possible. Your job is to open the door of possibility by realizing that the limitations you have imposed on yourself so far are illusory even though they seem very real to you. We will explore how to take back our power to choose by following our heart, beyond the indoctrination we have all received since birth.

Points seen and developed during this workshop  

  • The role of beliefs, reference systems and thought patterns

  • Our greatest power is the freedom to choose

  • Do you know that you are not alone and that you are supported by the universe?

  • Why do you have to let go and how to do it.



Workshop N° 3 - The power of emotions – the energy of attraction 


To create a new world, in the image of our true nature, we must be able in the present moment to maintain the vibrational frequency of the world in which we wish to live. In this workshop, you will learn simple techniques to let the vibration of what you want to experience in the future emerge in the present moment.

Points seen and developed during this workshop

  • The role of emotions as creative energy.

  • The importance of feeling in the present moment.

  • When is it time to act and how should we do it?

  • The power of creative imagination.

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