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Evolving through relationships


A series of 3 AV workshops

in collaboration with

DNA TV New Paradigm


In addition you will receive  :

Introductory lecture
Getting to know each other for better relationships
with Sabine Guillemin

In this conference, we will better understand why our relationships are the mirror of our state of being (or vibration). When we learn to use our relational difficulties to know ourselves better, we can then free ourselves from the grip of fear and judgment. And when we are able to perceive the other beyond any form of fear and judgment, we become able to experience authentic, fulfilling relationships and above all imbued with true love.

  • What is the nature of the human being and of the reality in which we evolve?

  • Why are our relationships the mirror of our state of being?

  • How do we know if we are aligned and authentic?

  • How to have more harmonious and fulfilling relationships?






To love and to be loved is the fundamental desire of every human being. Relationships are the realm of life where love can be experienced and expressed. How can our relationships lead us to flourish, grow, and ultimately learn to truly love – painlessly and joyfully? And how do we attract fulfilling and harmonious relationships into our lives?

During this workshop, you will gain a greater understanding of the true nature of your being and its energetic and spiritual dimension. This understanding will help you understand how you function and the role of certain difficult experiences or relationships that are present in your life.

Points developed during this workshop

  • Understand human nature to have more fulfilling relationships.

  • Emotions as a guidance system

  • Exercise to use emotions to transform.

  • Why and how to find the true Source of happiness and joy in oneself

  • Better understand the nature of love and exercise to open to the energy of love

  • Living in True Love or "How to Go from Fear to Love"




To write a new story, the page must be blank. To turn the page on the past, any unresolved emotional charge towards other people (anger, resentment, sadness, feeling of betrayal, fear of being hurt, judged, rejected, etc.) must be released. For this, it is a question of understanding how this experience can serve you in a positive and evolutionary way.

We can no longer create based on old systems of reference, on what we have learned, on the preconceived ideas we have about what a successful or harmonious relationship is or about love, freedom, etc. It is necessary  to dissolve these old reference systems to create new ones.

Points developed during this workshop

  • To be authentic is to be aligned

  • A healthy self-image for a healthy relationship with others

  • False self-image transmutation exercise

  • Resolving Conflicting Relationships Leads to More Harmonious Relationships

  • Exercise for releasing energy ties

  • Transmute the fear of the other and the judgment to be in love



The new human knows that all the circumstances of his life are a reflection of his own consciousness. In this workshop, you will learn how to use situations you don't like or conflicts with others to align yourself with your true nature and potential. It is your own transformation that will bring about a change in the relationship. You can use the conflicts in your past relationships to do these exercises to transform yourself in the present.

Points developed during this workshop

  • The mirror effect of relationships – every relationship is a co-creation

  • How to bring out the best in others

  • Techniques for communicating clearly

  • No more dramas! How to handle conflict calmly and mindfully – hot and cold

  • How to deal with people who are negative or who drain your energy

  • Do you have to compromise?

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Témoignages Relation à l'autre

Hello Dominique,

just a message to thank you for these 3 superb modules that I have just followed on the DNA channel. Thank you for the richness of these 3 workshops, the abundance of your explanations and their great clarity, as well as these pdf documents made available to us, very complete and helpful. I am delighted, and I really needed this precious help in my life at the moment. It's always very interesting and pleasant to listen to you... soothing too. Thanks. 💚 FR.


Hello Dominique,
I am very happy to participate in the workshop Living and recreating your life through the relationship with others. Every morning is a new beginning. I already feel much freer, in my heart and in my energy. Putting down what no longer needs to be, in relation to old relationships, is liberating. I feel more vitality and joy. These exercises make me aware of many things and allow me to observe my way of functioning and that's great! I look forward to tonight's workshop and thank you for the quality of your lessons and the tools provided. FL

--- ----

Hello Dominique,

I wanted to send you this email to testify to the evolution on my path since the beginning of these three workshops via DNA new paradigm. I look forward to Tuesday for the third workshop. During the night from Friday to Saturday, I had a dream, in which I was carrying out heavy work in my house (,..) I understood that it was my subconscious that was doing cleaning up and clearing old stagnant energies to make way for beautiful things to come. So that comforts me and galvanizes me to continue. I have also noticed, unless it is the fruit of my imagination, that the opportunities to make peace with these situations which are emotionally painful sometimes and which I myself have installed are jostling at the gate. (...) I must say that it is quite breathtaking the opportunities that arise. I have a better understanding of my current situation and why, at the level of my work, the same conflict situations arise over and over again between colleagues, for example.

It's not the first time I've heard a speech like yours, but it's the first time I've managed to appropriate it and work on it. I think it's your speech which is easy to understand, with a lot of benevolence and the way you express yourself that made me "hang" on your explanations. Thank you very much. I also think that today I was ready to begin this work, I was mature and it is the case to say it for that. I keep listening to the first two videos again and again. I am enthusiastic because I know that this is the way to the release of these emotions which can "undermine" the morale for one or whole days...... Thank you again for your work. Your way of approaching this theme suits me perfectly. It is clear and precise, without being preachy. It's perfect for me.. Thank you very much and see you Tuesday for the last workshop. CF

--- ----

Hello Dominique,

I'm glad I took your workshops for your valuable lessons. Thank you very much for your valuable advice.


--- ----

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