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Activate a new version of yourself



A series of audiovisual workshops

To activate a new version of the human being functioning with a new operating system,

based on the heart...

  • Cost 90 € for the complete series.

  • PROMO €75 until July 31, 2022 

  • Duration of each lesson: approximately 90 minutes.

  • You will recieve :

    • an audiovisual recording

    • audio recording only

    • several guided exercises as well as practical exercises.

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This series aims to help you  make the transition to a new version of yourself!

This update is necessary to move into a higher dimension.

And it is done by moving into a new state of being and consciousness that reflects 
the true nature of your being.

Se  self-knowledge as well as knowing the laws of creation makes it possible to create reality in a conscious and deliberate way.
It is this knowledge that allows you  to have  a richer and fulfilling life, on all levels.
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Express the best of yourself
By activating a new version of yourself!

Is it possible that our real identity has remained hidden and that what we have believed to be true about us until now is not the whole truth ?

When we realize that we have operated up to now from a distorted and limited perception of who we are as human beings, then we can take back responsibility for our lives. And we regain our inner freedom by exercising our power to choose. We embark on a path of self-observation that leads us to identify everything that prevents us from knowing our true nature and our innate capacities for creation.


To create a life filled with love, abundance, joy and harmony, it is essential to understand how our energetic and spiritual nature works. Because it is the integration of all aspects of our being into a coherent whole that allows us to use our guidance system with clarity and to regain our inner power.


Our personal power comes from our ability to align ourselves with the true Source of our being and it is this alignment that allows the creation of a new reality around us, based on love and unity.

  • If you are tired of feeling at the mercy of external circumstances, social and religious conventions or others;

  • If you want to regain your power over your life;

  • If you feel like leaving the past behind and starting over;

  • Or quite simply if you want to get to know yourself better and continue to flourish;

This series will give you all the tools you need to reclaim your true identity by letting a new version of you emerge that operates from a new, heart-based operating system.

With lots of love

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Contenu de la série

Workshop 1 - Giving meaning to your life

Points developed during this workshop:

  • Rediscover the deep meaning of life by discovering true tanature.

  • How can you "Truly be you".

  • How can you "Live unconditionally in a world of conditions."

  • How to regain your personal power

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Workshop 2 - Who are you really?

Points developed during this workshop:

  • Better understand your original and complete being.

  • The new connectivity between elements of the human operating system (OS).

  • The two SO of human being – how to activate the new version.

  • How to "align to new SO

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Workshop 3 - Feeling connected and guided 

Points developed during this workshop:

  • Find the freedom to be true and authentic

  • Claim your power to choose.

  • Learn to demystify fear.

  • Discover your guidance system.

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Workshop 4 - Knowing your creative power

Points developed during this workshop:

  • External reality is modeled from within.

  • The guidance system

  • Thoughts create.

  • Emotions manifest and magnetize.

  • The reality of beliefs.

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Workshop 5 - Activating a new version of yourself

Points developed during this workshop:

  • Change your future by changing your perspective!

  • Choose your new identity – Who do you want to be?

  • Keep growing every day. to create the future you want.

  • New consciousness - new SO - new habits of life.

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