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From Head to Heart

Un coeur sur des fréquences

A series of three AV workshops

in collaboration with

DNA New Paradigm


In this series of workshops, you will learn that you have everything it takes to move from the state of being of the current human who lives in fear and suffering to the state of consciousness of the new human_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_: a being who is happy to live, a being who opens up a path of new possibilities, in joy and in love of life. You will understand how to get there by switching from head to heart…

In addition you will receive  :

Introductory lecture
What do you identify with?
avec Anne Causeur

Conference "Do you know who you are?"


  • How do you define yourself?

  • Do your past actions condemn you forever?

  • What is your value and where does it come from?

  • Are regrets, guilt, and all those negative feelings serving you or harming you?

  • What is your true nature and how can you align with it?

Do you know that the way you perceive yourself, what you believe you are, what you identify with plays a primary role in the life experiences you attract?

Do you know that you are actors in the change of consciousness that is currently taking place on Earth and that without your active participation, without the recognition of your true identity, nothing could happen?

This conference will help you better understand who you really are and feel more joy to be here on Earth

Workshop N° 1  -  Are you a material or spiritual being?

In the first segment of this workshop, you will see that your physical body with its personality is not the only aspect of your being nor the most important. Even if it is this aspect that seems the only obvious one, you will discover your true nature and how to make it a reality in your life.

You will see that you are responsible  for your reality. You will learn to discover the role you play in what happens to you and where your power to change lies.

You will better understand how to reach this new state of being (an awakened state of consciousness) which is the goal of your current incarnation. Self-realization is possible for each of you!


Points developed during this workshop

  • What lets you know if you are an energetic and spiritual being?

  • Your reality – your creation! Do you know that you are the starting point (point of attraction) of ALL your reality?

  • Why is love not always present in your life?

  • What does it mean to be aligned with one's Source?

  • What is the most important relationship in your life?

  • How to integrate your spiritual aspect in your human aspect to pass from a state of being unconscious to a state of being conscious?

  • Alignment exercise to the Source of your being. Dissolution of obstacles preventing you from integrating your energetic and spiritual aspect in order to find your inner unity and your power over your life.


Workshop N° 2 - Your energy alignment is the key

In the second segment of this series, you will understand that your vibrational alignment is the key that opens the door to all possibilities: a more fulfilling life, more harmonious relationships, the ability to understand and overcome any difficulty more easily, a sense of inner peace and security, an easier life, etc.

You will discover what is a harmonious vibrational alignment and the tools that are yours to understand and manage it.

Points developed during this workshop

  • Why do you attract situations that you don't want or like? Better understand the role you play in the experiences that are yours.

  • Why can we say that everything is always perfect?

  • What is harmonious or discordant vibrational alignment?

  • Two ways to identify if your alignment is harmonious or discordant.

  • How do you know if you are on the right path?

  • Exercise to free yourself from the energy ties of the past.

  • Exercise to understand the root causes of any discordance in your being to restore a harmonious alignment with your real nature, that is to say with the Source of your being.


Workshop N° 3 - How to live true love?

In the third and final segment of this series, you will explore the energy of love. If the nature of the universe is love, why is this love not present in all your human experiences?

Could your idea of love be the source of the suffering you are currently experiencing?

How to move from difficult love experiences (partner, family, friends, etc.) that are a source of suffering to more harmonious and enriching experiences?


Points developed during this workshop

  • What is love? How to really love?

  • Is there a difference between human love and divine love?

  • How do you free yourself from the fear of losing love or suffering for love?

  • Is it possible to experience true love right now, a love that does not hurt?

  • Exercise to feel true love and integrate your spiritual nature into your human aspect.

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