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Unleash your inner power

By harmonizing with the divine in oneself


A series of 3 audiovisual workshops

in collaboration with

DNA TV New Paradigm

In addition, you will receive  :

  • Highlights and exercises in PDF format

  • The ebook "The essential tools for life"

Introductory lecture


with Sabine Guillemin

In this series of workshops, we will work to identify and release the preconceived ideas, fears and habits that prevent us from accepting our divine nature so that we can more easily harmonize with it.


We will then learn to participate in an increasingly conscious way in the birth of a complete, unified, authentic and powerful new version of self, expressing the fundamental qualities of our divine Source.



Participation in replay at all times

Attune to the divine within

to unleash your inner power

WORKSHOP 1 – Leaving the past and the known behind


In this first workshop, we will see why we are so attached to our false identity and how to detach ourselves from it. We will explore our desire and potential for expansion with the help of the "Circle of Possibilities". Then, from a more solid alignment with our inner Source, we will be able to open ourselves to change and to the new in consciousness and in confidence.


4 Points covered during this workshop:

  • Free myself from the false self-image that limits my innate potential

  • Expand the circle of my possibilities by opening myself up to the new

  • Protocol to connect with the divine within and expand the circle of possibilities

  • Guided exercise of letting go and openness to the new


WORKSHOP 2 – Reborn to oneself


In this workshop, we will use the concept of the “circle of love” to compare our inner universe to the outer universe in order to take back our place in the circle of love. We are going to look in more detail at how to create new landmarks that allow us to confirm whether we are powerfully representing Source consciousness in our lives.


4 Points covered during this workshop:

  • Take back my place in the circle of divine love

  • Consciously participate in the emergence of the new in me

  • Represent the fundamental qualities of Source in my life

  • Create new benchmarks to validate my new experiences.



WORKSHOP 3 – Writing my new story

A new version of self means we are writing a completely new story. It's not a new chapter, it's a complete paradigm shift. For that, we must understand the new rules of the game. We must learn what it means to live as Source, to look with the eyes of Source and to speak from the heart of Source. As we accept to tap into our true Source, we gradually discover our innate preferences, gifts and talents.


4 Points covered during this workshop:

  • The Rules of the Game in a Coherent Reality with Source

  • Exercise to choose or understand my role in my new story

  • Honor the divine within me to be able to see the divine outside of me

  • Guided exercise to see with the eyes of Source

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