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In this section you will find information on the elements that are part of my daily practice and that have led me to be able to live the life I have chosen while feeling better_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_in harmony with my inner being.  

It is through the experimentation in your life of the new concepts that you learn about the constitution of the human being that your transformation can take place. Above all, strive to accept the fact that you not only have a human personality, but that your true being is made of light and has a consciousness far greater than your human aspect, a consciousness that is already multidimensional.

It is therefore a question of acquiring a new perspective on who you are and on the way in which human beings apprehend reality. By striving to better understand the different systems that make up the human being (how the brain works, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, your energy space, the maintenance and regeneration of physical cells and so on), you will develop new abilities and  you will become more and more aware of the spiritual part of your being. You will thus lay the foundations allowing a new person in you to emerge. Gradually, you will feel more and more connected to your own original being, to all living beings, to the planet and to all of Creation. You will better understand and accept your creative abilities while using them with respect for the highest good of all.

It is therefore a question of managing to master your thoughts and your emotions by putting them at the service of your multidimensional or cosmic nature. You are no longer the plaything of uncontrollable emotions or chaotic thoughts, but you become master of your mind. You learn to develop new capacities of perception in order to guide you in your choices and in your decisions.

For example, emotions carry messages that you can learn to decode. It is an essential tool to allow you to tune your physical reality with your inner being, with what you really desire to be or to accomplish. Your emotional system  then becomes a powerful guide in your life so that your choices are made in perfect harmony with your deep nature.

As you progress on the path of transformation, which is in fact the awakening to your authentic being still connected to the magnificent Consciousness that created it, you will become more and more able to grasp the essence and the truth in all things. 


Your brain is the most complex and sophisticated tool in this world.   No object, tool or device can match it.   Science understands only a very small part of it. That is why when you understand the fundamental principles and laws which   are the basis of the universal structure and of intelligent life, then you will be able to use your whole brain in order to become master-creators of your reality!


A simple but constant daily practice is necessary for those who want to transform themselves internally and deeply.   It is this work on yourself that will bring about the desired changes in your life.


As you transform all aspects of your being, you will notice that you will also transform what is around you.   It cannot be otherwise since you are now emitting a new, higher, more powerful and authentic vibration. And this new, more loving vibration draws its vibrational match to itself. She also has the ability to drag whatever is around her in her wake - always respecting everyone's free will. The ultimate goal of your practice is to become aware of your spiritual aspect in order to unify your being and that it is in perfect harmony with the energy of the creative Consciousness. Dans this state of union with your authentic inner being, you will be able to attract more quickly and easily what you choose to experience in your life.  To achieve this, here are some key elements to consider.


And if you find yourself in a situation that you can't change on your own, then it may be necessary to seek help to help you deprogram at the cellular level the old thought patterns and conditionings that are holding you back. limit.   I invite you to consult the section   Creative Coaching   or the Audiovisual Courses under the tab Librairie de cours _53-cc758de9 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ to access additional transformation tools.

new habits

For a new life !

Listen to your heart

Until now, you've been used to deciding what's right for you with reason. You decide based on other people's expectations, pros and cons,  what your beliefs allow you to do or not do and so on.


To bring out a  new reality, you must now connect to your spiritual being and let your heart speak. Do not confuse following your heart with listening to your emotions. Today, emotions are very often the result of fears, insecurities or misconceptions and it is necessary to first dissolve your fears in order to be able to see clearly. It's more about letting your inner nature emerge.


To help you, imagine that you have no constraints, no fear of failure, no fear of missing something, of being rejected or of losing the love of those you love. What would you choose to do or be? Start from this energy to choose. To gain clarity, focus on your heart and feel connected to the center of your being. Then ask for more clarity about who you are, what makes you feel good and happy.


When you face a difficult consequence as a result of your actions, words, or decisions, ask yourself why you made that choice? Is it out of a sense of obligation, to feel loved, accepted, or approved? Is it out of insecurity, out of fear of missing something? And realize that each time you don't listen to your heart, but make a choice by listening to your fears, your limited perceptions or your need to have this or that to feel good, you are not listening to your inner being. This explains why you find yourself in situations or in relationships that you do not like or that do not suit you.


Before making a decision or making a choice, it is best to ensure that you have the necessary clarity about what you want to be, have or achieve in your life.  


Focus on your heart and ask yourself why are you making this choice? Does it make you happy? Does it make you feel passionate and alive?   If you feel that it comes from a need, a concern or a fear of missing something, then this choice is not one that is informed and free.   It is determined by false beliefs, preconceived ideas and old family, social, religious and cultural conditioning.  


However, in a way, it can be said that there are no wrong choices, because with each choice you learn and then... there is always the possibility of going back to the drawing board!  


From now on, watch yourself. Before choosing, ask yourself about your motivations and use this opportunity to let go of old patterns of thought or behavior that keep you trapped in circumstances that are not suitable for you.


You can also ask to be guided by your dreams, to receive messages and so on. Asking is the key to receiving information from your guides! The answers come in different ways:  dreams, signs, synchronicities, voices of your guides, colors, images or symbols, by feeling and in many other ways... it's about learning to recognize how information is transmitted to you and above all to have confidence in your abilities!


For many this may seem too simple or too easy. Regardless of your beliefs, the fact remains that you are powerful beings who totally misunderstand and misuse your abilities through ignorance or doubt.

Accept what
is present


It is important to come to a sense of peace with yourself and to accept who and where you are right now, exactly as you are there, knowing that this is the only place you can leave to transform yourself.   Stop judging yourself, criticizing yourself, blaming yourself, believing that you are not good enough, or that you will never be forgiven for what you have done. Realize that this keeps you in a closed cycle of which you are a prisoner.


Every human being has a spark of divine light within - including you! 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_the expansion of your consciousness. Seen from a higher perspective, there is no judgment on what is right or wrong, what is acceptable or not, there is only unconditional love.


Start by accepting yourself or accepting a situation that you don't like or that is difficult is essential.   The fastest way to change is to focus on the change you want to make in your life, not to dwell on what you don't like.   What you focus on is the energy and vibration with which you create.   Thus, complaints, recriminations and resistance to a given situation only make change more difficult and longer.


Welcome situations that are conflicting or that do not  agree with what you desire as messages, guides that are there to help you identify and transform what is not in harmony with the inside of you. These situations are your gateway to your next evolutionary step!

Be aware of the energies around you


In the present day, there are places and places that receive a higher frequency than others. The frequencies of Source and the new paradigm can be felt clearly if you pay attention to them. And in some places, the frequencies of the old paradigm are more concentrated. Wherever you are, it is possible for you to create your own connection with Source, however, it is easier to stay connected in a place where the energy is pure and clear. 


Also pay attention to the places you visit, the people you meet, the objects you surround yourself with, and so on. Everything has a vibration, a consciousness of its own. And as you exchange energy and information with everything around you, you should surround yourself with high vibrations that will support you in your spiritual awakening instead of slowing you down.


Before falling asleep, it is important to be in a state of mind conducive to creating an elevated state of being. This is why consciously connecting to Creative Source is important at this time. You can also bring your attention to your energy sphere and ask to be surrounded and protected by Source energy while you sleep. This invocation assures you that no undesirable influence enters your personal energy sphere.  



Listen to your body


Your body is constantly talking to you. So far, you've learned to rely on science and reason to choose what you need to be healthy . The information comes from outside authorities who tell you what foods to eat, what exercises to do, and everything else. This information comes from what science can study, measure and observe with the physical senses. However, these observations do not take into account the totality of being, nor the individual needs of each, which can be very different. 


It's time to tune in to your body and give it exactly what it needs. When you are tired or stressed, respect your body's requests for rest or relaxing activities.


Establish new eating habits. A healthy, natural diet will support your body and mind better than any processed food that has lost its vitality and ability to be naturally absorbed by the body. Listen to your body carefully. Don't eat out of habit or because it's time to eat, but because you feel the need to. You may notice that you have less appetite while feeling more alert.


Strive to feel the effects of certain foods in your body. How do you feel when you eat certain foods such as alcohol, very sweet foods, processed foods, medications, when you smoke or take drugs? Ask yourself if this type of food has a beneficial effect on your body? Feel the effects not only on your physical health, but also on your energy body.


Do regular exercises that are tailored to your needs. Trust what you feel, what makes you feel good.


Pay attention to where you are, to the people you meet, to the objects you touch. Feel the energy of it and when you feel uncomfortable in a place, in an activity or in a group, trust what you feel and act accordingly. Ask yourself if it would be more beneficial for you to leave this place or these people. The low or negative frequencies given off by others can be harmful to you and cause fatigue and depression, among other things.


Listen to what your body is telling you and you will find that you feel happier and lighter.

be the master
and decide !


You have the choice ! No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can change something. Remember that your power is greater than you believe. The boundaries you perceive as impassable are often perceptions that can be cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_transformed.


Start by accepting that you play an important role in the experiences you attract to you. Accept your share of responsibility and become aware of the thoughts and fears that limit you. Then as you identify them and slowly let them go, start imagining the life you want.


Resolutely choose what you want to be or accomplish and focus your attention on that goal. Make a clear request to the universe about your intention! This request assures you of receiving the help of the universal forces in the realization of your project.


Control emotions and thoughts


It is a very effective practice to closely observe your thoughts and your emotional reactions to each of the events you go through in a day in order to keep a high vibrational frequency and avoid creating blockages.


This observation allows you to transform difficult emotions into more positive energy.   This can be done in different ways.   Sometimes you can simply readjust your attitude towards a situation in order to accept it.   In other cases, it will be necessary to go in search of your unconscious motivations to release them in order to transform them into new energy that supports you. And more complex situations may require a little more time and the help of your Higher Consciousness or a therapist to help you find and eliminate the deep roots of causes of your discomfort or your suffering. You should know that this work does not need to be long and difficult. It can be done very quickly if you are ready to accept this_cc781905-4363bbbd_possibility!


For example, if you don't like your job, ask yourself why you keep doing it. Is it for fear of lack?   By financial insecurity in the face of your family obligations? For lack of confidence in your  ability to find another job more suited to what you love? Or maybe it's just because you don't know what you really want (which is a sign that you're deeply disconnected from your inner self).   Everything that does not come from your heart, from a true desire does not come from your authentic being, it is an illusion and that is why it creates internal conflicts.


It is a question of identifying the fears, the insecurities, the lacks, the preconceived and false ideas which are at the base of your choice, in order to transform them to be able to attract a more harmonious situation in your life. This is not necessarily about quitting your job, your partner, or taking immediate action.   Change will happen in a natural way when you first do your inner energy rebalancing work and identify what you truly desire. 


If you do this research work with deep honesty, starting from yourself because you are the starting point of everything that happens to you, you will have concrete results. 


It is therefore by using your emotional reactions, your fears and your feelings to guide you that you will be able to dissolve the energy blockages that prevent you from being happy and serene and to create an extraordinary life for you and those that surround you.


Know how to appreciate!


Sincerely felt appreciation of what is positive in your life helps create and maintain a clear, high-vibrational energy field.   There is always something around you that you can appreciate, even if it is a small thing. The energy released by any appreciation is powerful and helps transform the vibration you emit into a positive force.  


Every day it is inspiring to recognize and be grateful for all the things you love in your life.   And the more you pay attention to them, the more you will maintain them and in   you will attract new ones. Strive to feel joy, to feel happy. It is this vibration that you want to emit around you.

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