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Professional experience


Dominique Lacroix , Spiritual Integration Coach


After completing  university studies in anthropology, I spent most of my working life working for a large corporation. I have  held various positions which have  given  the opportunity for me to have varied and rewarding experiences. J'ai toujours été intéressée et profondément attirée par ce que la société actuelle considère comme étant « non réel et imaginary ”. I felt that only metaphysical exploration could give meaning to life and fulfill my desire for truth.   Over time, I joined different spiritual groups and I  explored several holistic healing techniques_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5'cf58d_with hope understand myself better and to understand this strange universe in which I often felt alone, lost and disoriented. All of these experiences have led me to understand that we already have all the answers within us and that we don't need to belong to any group or follow a guru to know who we are really and find our inner power.

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To find the key that would allow me to understand how the human spirit works and how we are connected to the universe, I rubbed shoulders with multiple spiritual teachers bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Reiki » à la « Biologie totale des êtres vivants » (le décodage biologique), à la «_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Reconnexion », à l'« Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT », à la «_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_law of attraction ”, passing through different meditation techniques in addition to_cc781905-5cde-3194-bbizab-136bad5cf5' or other_training_workshops conferences with the most popular spiritual guides ular and best known in North America.


All these teachers play a role and contribute something according to their understanding and awareness. With one, I was seeing and letting go of a limiting belief or old conditioning. With another, I understood a new law of the universe. But above all I learned to use my inner discernment to distinguish what was true and right from what was distorted or incomplete. I had managed to improve some situations in my life somewhat, however, I still did not know who I was and why I was on Earth. I didn't feel like I was making spiritual progress and  I didn't feel connected to my inner being. Moreover, I did not know how to reconcile my life and my spiritual search with my life called “ normale ”. These two poles of my being did not seem to be able to associate together.


Then I made decisive encounters that allowed me to understand  what was going on inside me. It was at this time that everything began to  to change in a precise and rapid way in my life. I had at my disposal  concrete, powerful and effective tools that allowed me to begin to restore balance between all aspects of my being. Gradually, I began to remember my true identity and better understand my place in the universe. I also learned to better understand the different systems of the human being so that I can use them in a beneficial and positive way to attract new experiences into my reality.


I understood that each being orchestrates, consciously or not, all the experiences that happen to him in order to evolve, to expand his consciousness and his possibilities of expression, while contributing to the expansion of Creation itself. same. This is why the therapist is only a facilitator supporting the return to the original perfection of the being , because anyone with one or more imbalances already has within them all the capacities for recovery and regeneration. And more than anything else, true healing happens when we come to feel the presence of a greater awareness and energy within us, which has always been there, but was buried deep beneath the layers of false beliefs. and false representations of the ego. It is this integration of all parts of our being that brings about a change in our whole way of being and acting , and therefore begins to attract a whole different reality into our lives. It is the reunification of our energetic and spiritual aspect with our human aspect that brings about the restoration of balance, which is the state in which we were created.


Little by little, I began to open myself up to new possibilities that had remained unattainable until then. I understood that many of the teachings I had followed before were either incomplete or partially true, or without truly effective tools, or did not offer the possibility of healing the root causes of certain imbalances whose roots may be anchored on energy planes higher than the planetary frequency.


Then, a moment came when the opportunity arose to make a major change in my life, and this on all fronts at the same time: work, family and romantic relationships, place of life... and of course , I could not help but follow this path because it  was simply a reflection of what I really wanted. Here I am, a few years later, evolving and expanding on all fronts. And just like you, some periods see rapid change and others are more stagnant or harder to navigate. However, my understanding of how different human systems and reality work has grown. And now I know that I have all the information and tools to use any conflictual or difficult situation to continue to transmute anything that keeps me from have an absolutely extraordinary experience of life on Earth.  


This shift in consciousness  set in motion the profound transformations that took place in my life. I began to recreate my life in a conscious way on all levels, much more in accordance with universal laws.


My practice is largely inspired by the various techniques and concepts that I have studied throughout my exploration of human nature . It is a quantum healing process that works with universal energy frequencies and allows the healing of all types of imbalances (physical, emotional, psychic as well as spiritual) through cellular reprogramming. Once the energetic transmutation has been accomplished, the being must nevertheless continue to 'integrate' this change  through new behaviors and new choices de vie,_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_so that this one can update completely


Certification   Mind-Body Medicine by Dr. James Gordon (2017)


OMnium certifications (2008 to 2011)


  • The OMnium Method of Healing Level I, II, III

  • Mastery of the emotional system

  • Mastery of the creative formula

  • Mastery of the human mind

  • The New Paradigm Education System

  • The guidance system

Other certificates:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique - Gary Craig)

  • The Reconnection II (Eric Pearl)

  • The biological decoding of living beings (Method of Dr. Claude Sabbah)

  • Reiki II

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