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Shining Your Light

A series of 4 online workshops

in collaboration with Harmonie et Conscience

This workshop is no longer available

          Participation : 150€ - Click here to see the program


Information and Registration

Danielle Colin - 06 74 50 62 68

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Watch the introductory lecture

​ Getting to know each other better to regain our true identity






We are at a decisive point in the evolution of humanity where we find ourselves faced with the need to reclaim our true identity if we want to transform our world. It is by becoming able to express new aspects of ourselves that we connect with the new divine matrix with power. And it is this inner alchemical transformation that allows us to have a real influence on outer reality.

And to become an authentic and integral representative of this magnificent consciousness that is the Source, it is necessary to better understand our spiritual nature so that the well-hidden secret of our origin and our innate potential can be revealed to us. In this lecture, we will see what the fundamental principles of Source are, which will allow us to have new reference points to know if we represent this new consciousness in an authentic way in our daily life.


In this conference, we will cover the following points:

  • How do we recognize the signs that show us that our divine DNA is beginning to activate?

  • What are the fundamental principles of the Source?

  • How do we recognize that we are expressing these principles in our lives?

  • What are three of the basic desires that unite all human beings?

  • Is it possible to powerfully manifest a new reality?

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Shining Your Light

A series of 4 online workshops

March 10, 17, 24 and 31 at 8 p.m. CST

Duration of a workshop:  between 2 and 2 and a half hours

You will receive a PDF with the protocols and exercises

Programme Ateliers


In this series of workshops, we will work to identify and release the preconceived ideas, fears and habits that prevent us from accepting our spiritual nature so that we can more easily harmonize with it. We will then learn to participate in an increasingly conscious way in the birth of a complete, unified, authentic and powerful new version of self, expressing the fundamental qualities of our divine Source._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

WORKSHOP 1 – 03/10/2021 - Leave the past and the known behind.

In this first workshop, we will see why we are so attached to our false identity and how to detach ourselves from it. We will explore our desire and potential for expansion with the help of the "Circle of Possibilities". Then, from a more solid alignment with our inner Source, we will be able to open ourselves to change and to the new in consciousness and in confidence.

Points covered during this workshop:

  • The false identity

    • What is false self-image — how did it come about?

    • Self-sabotage

    • How do we free ourselves from this false self-image that limits the expression of our true nature?

  • What is Source and how do you align with it?

    • Protocol for connecting with the divine within

    • Experiencing our Multidimensional Consciousness

  • The Circle of Possibilities and How to Expand It

    • Guided exercise to expand the circle of possibilities




  WORKSHOP 2 – 03/17/2021 - Reborn to oneself.

In this workshop, we will use the concept of the “circle of love” to compare our inner universe to the outer universe in order to take back our place in the circle of love. We are going to look in more detail at how to create new landmarks that allow us to confirm whether we are powerfully representing Source consciousness in our lives.

Points covered during this workshop:  

  • Break free from the past

    • The influence in the present of unresolved past conflicts

    • Protocol for releasing an energetic attachment

  • To open up to change in awareness and confidence

    • What is letting go?

    • Protocol for letting go of the known to open up to the unknown

  • Take your place in the circle of divine love

    • What is love ?

    • What decisions have we made about love?

  • Have new benchmarks to validate new experiences.

    • How do we recognize the old operating system based on fear and control and the new one based on love and compassion?


WORKSHOP 3 – 24/03/2021 - How to be an "ambassador" of the Source in my life?

A new version of self means that we are a new being. It's a complete paradigm shift. For this we must learn what it means to live as Source, to look with the eyes of Source and to feel with the heart of Source. As we accept to tap into our true Source, we gradually discover who we really are, our preferences, our innate gifts and talents.


Points covered during this workshop:  

  • Source Fundamentals

    • Unconditional love

    • Absolute Truth

    • Infinite Beauty

    • Unlimited Goodness

  • Choosing between “Doing or Being”?

    • Define and formulate my main life mission intention

  • How and why to recreate

    • The 5 steps to recreate reality in the image of our authentic being



WORKSHOP 4 — 31/03/2021 - Recreate yourself to recreate a new reality

In this workshop, we will summarize the main characteristics of reality formation, because knowledge is the first step towards liberation and self-realization. We will explore together the role that perception plays in aligning our perspective with that of Source to embody our innate potential. We will end the series with an experiential exercise in turning the page on the past in order to create a new future.



Points covered during this workshop:  

  • The game's rules

    • My universe is the universe

    • Love, the most powerful frequency in the universe

    • Everything can be changed in the present moment

  • Appearance or Essence?

    • Perception exercise to get out of established frameworks

    • Protocol for Elevating a Situation by Seeing with the Eyes of Source

  • Honor the divine within in order to be able to see the divine outside of oneself

    • Recognizing the divine in oneself allows one to see it outside of oneself

    • Like attracts like

  • Guided exercise to “Recreate yourself and recreate another reality”



    Contribution: €150

Information and Registration for the conference or workshops

Danielle Colin - 06 74 50 62 68




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