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The game of life


With this program, you will learn to see life as a virtual game in which you can constantly raise yourself to a higher level of play, in other words to a higher state of consciousness. Until now, you have played your part, that is to say your life, from a false identity that has been created over the course of education and experience. In this way of playing, you often feel like a victim of circumstances, you feel like a puppet manipulated by invisible and uncontrollable forces. Often, you feel alone, lost, disoriented and above all powerless. You don't really know who you are and why you are here, which makes you hesitant to make decisions and afraid of making mistakes. In this program, you will learn how to play this game in order to find your true identity which will allow you to find your capacity to choose, to decide and to direct your life consciously. This six-module program contains: - 6 audiovisual recordings - 6 audio recordings only - 2 charters on the creative process - 1 table on states of consciousness - Gordon Lent's Source Music album "Journeys into Infinity".

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