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Activate a new version of yourself


REGULAR PRICE 90 EUROS - ON PROMO 75 EUROS UNTIL JULY 31, 2022 Here is a program in five audiovisual modules with explanatory PDFs and guided exercises to help you bring out a new version of your being functioning with a new operating system that is based on the heart. The information shared in this series is timeless. This is why, even though it was created in 2018, it is more appropriate than ever for the current period. An update of all our systems is necessary to move into a higher dimension. Here are excerpts from the first three modules: Duration of each AV module approximately 90 minutes. All audio recordings and PDFs are downloadable. With this program, you can communicate with Dominique through the "Activating a new version of Self" Group. In this private group, you can ask your questions and share your experiences. Dominique responds personally to each question or comment. Content of each workshop: - An audiovisual recording - An audio recording - A PDF with recommended exercises - Audio recordings of guided exercises For additional information, see this page:

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