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Living with grace and fluidity in a chaotic world

A series of 4 online workshops

in collaboration with Harmonie et Conscience

This workshop was offered live only and is no longer available.

          Participation : 150€ - Click here to see the program


Information and Registration

Danielle Colin - 06 74 50 62 68

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Watch the introductory conference

The current crisis: a mirror of who we are?



The current global crisis raises many questions, but it also presents us with new possibilities. Can we say that this crisis is a mirror of the state of consciousness of humanity? How can this crisis serve us in a beneficial way to create a more balanced reality? How can we take back our personal power and regain our freedom in order to bring more equity, love, harmony and truth into our lives?

A new reality emerges first and foremost through what we think and feel.

Continuing to think and act the same way expecting a different outcome,

it is to be ignorant of our vibrational and energetic nature

and misunderstanding the nature of our creative power.


In this lecture, we will cover the following  :

  • What role did we play in the emergence of the current global crisis?

  • Do we have a power of influence in the evolution of this crisis?

  • What about our free will?

  • Understand the need to overcome our fears to become a free being again

  • Why do we have to let go of everything we have believed to be true so far?


In this series of workshops, we will explore together the responsibility that we have as human beings in the unfolding of history that is played out on individual and collective levels. We will discover what is our true nature and our innate potential. We will work to become once again a sovereign, free being with the right to self-determination. And above all, we will acquire the capacity for discernment in order to be able to choose what is true and right for us.


Self-knowledge and mastery of our energy are the necessary elements so that we can move through the current period of transition with grace and fluidity, while allowing a new reality to emerge.

Copie de triangles-1430105_1280.png

Living with grace and fluidity in a chaotic world

A series of 4 online workshops

Duration of a workshop:  between 2 and 2 and a half hours

You will receive a PDF with the protocols and exercises

Programme Ateliers


ATELIER 1 – 1/12/2020 -

Knowing the tools that allow us to navigate with grace and fluidity.

To get out of confinement or what imprisons us, the first step is to know who we are and how we function. We must also know the environment in which we evolve (the external reality). It is knowledge that allows us to regain our power to choose freely, (without conditioning) to write the story we want to live — in other words, to choose the timeline in which we want to live and flourish.

Points covered during this workshop:

  • What plane are we playing on : the false matrix (illusion) or the divine matrix (truth)

  • What tools do we have, as human beings?

  • Protocol to align with the flow of universal intelligence

  • The Importance of Clear Intention and Consistent Thoughts

  • Protocol to calm the mind and learn to choose your thoughts consciously

  • What is energy coherence and why is it important?



ATELIER 2 – 8/12/2020 - Choosing and manifesting a new reality.

Beliefs are like a framework that we project onto our reality. And our experiences will always play out within that framework. To change reality, we have to change the framework. Our possibilities for creating the new are matched by our ability to expand our frame, to drop old walls and replace them with new ones that are able to constantly grow to include every new possibility.

We can only manifest what we believe to be possible.

You must first believe to see the manifestation outside.

The universe always returns to us what corresponds to our vibration and our state of being.


Points covered during this workshop:  

  • Our beliefs shape our experiences according to a very specific framework.

  • Our greatest asset : the power to choose!

  • Protocol for transforming a situation that generates unpleasant feelings

  • Protocol for Resolving Inner Conflicts

  • Process to identify and transmute fundamental false beliefs

  • Our power of influence lies in our ability to maintain a high frequency (being in love


ATELIER 3 – 15/12/2020 - Rediscover a feeling of freedom, confidence and power.

The freedom to be and to express our true nature is a fundamental right, a birthright given by the Creator. No one can take that right away from us. To be free is to be yourself, to be authentic and to create and live your life with inspiration and passion. Freedom is synonymous with Truth. Because in illusion there is no freedom, illusion is a form of imprisonment. There is no true freedom as long as fear is present. When we no longer have any fear, or are able to demystify any fear that surfaces, that is when we are truly free to choose and act according to our individual attractions and preferences.


Points covered during this workshop:  

  • How do you maintain a sense of freedom, confidence and inner power?

  • Process to demystify fear

  • Understanding the creative energy of emotions

  • Seeing with the Eyes of Source : Appearance or Essence?

  • Choosing the role we want to play in our new story

  • How to write this new story



ATELIER 4 — 22/12/2020 - What is truth, how to discern and make choices for our greatest good?

Having clear guidance does not require special talents—we all have the ability to receive and interpret the information we need to make the highest choices for our evolution. We have all the tools we need, but we've been used to ignoring or denying them. So you have to retrain yourself to use them. It's like a muscle that needs to be strengthened. In this workshop, we will acquire the basic notions allowing us to make decisions easily and quickly.


Points covered during this workshop:  

  • Learn to feel to better discern and choose

  • Protocol to scan the body and develop the feeling

  • Follow external authorities or our internal authority?

  • What is " inner knowing " and how to recognize it?

  • How to be in a state of receptivity?

  • What is the relationship between vibrational resonance and truth?

  • Different protocols for using feelings to make decisions



    Participation : 150€


Information and Registration for the conference or workshops

Danielle Colin - 06 74 50 62 68




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